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Dive Guides | Start Scuba Diving

Dive Guides

Years of diving experience written up in one place. Here you'll find all of our latest tips and guides to ensure you get a head start when either learning to scuba dive for the first time or really honing your scuba skills!

Scuba Diving Safety
Scuba diving is a world-famous activity enjoyed by millions of people globally each year. It’s a way of connecting to the underwater world and exploring its marvelous beauty. It uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, where it got its name, SCUBA is actually an acronym! Saying that though, any underwater activity comes with its fair...
Scuba Octopus
Your lifeline underwater is your regulator. Should you run out of oxygen, or it suddenly gets damaged during a dive, you are in serious trouble! That’s why a scuba octopus, or spare regulators, are very crucial for you and your buddy. A scuba octopus is your backup air source. It must be in place and...
Scuba Diving refresher
Have you been out of the water for a while? Do you feel like your Scuba diving skills have gone rusty? Or are you a newbie who wants to learn the ropes of this adrenaline-pumping sport? Time to get back to scuba diving basics! No matter where you are in your scuba diving journey, with...