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Scuba Certification Online: How Does it Work?

The demand for scuba certification has increased exponentially over the last few decades. This is largely down to how accessible the extreme sport has become with an array of local dive shops and tour operators to choose from.

With that comes the increasing need for scuba guides and instructors, not to mention the demand for other professions such as underwater welders. Peoples love for the underworld is growing, not only do they want the freedom to dive without guidance, some even want to work beneath the surface!

At the same time, we’ve seen the popularity of eLearning explode in recent years. In fact, the global pandemic has made it more of a necessity. With the introduction of online learning, developing and honing skills has never been more accessible or convenient.

eLearning is changing the way we broaden our horizons and open ourselves up to new hobbies and skills. What many people don’t know is, this also applies to scuba certification online.

In this day and age, you don’t need to be confined to a classroom in order to get the ball rolling in terms of obtaining scuba certification.

Here you’ll find all the information you need to dive head first into starting your scuba certification online, let’s jump into it!


Benefits of a Scuba Diving Online Course

Firstly, and probably the biggest benefit for most people, is the convenience. Online learning allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home or on the go using almost any device.

Those who are pushed for time might find it difficult to make it into classes at certain times or working to set schedules around their work lives. eLearning removes the need to attend classroom-based lessons at specific times.

eLearning gives you the freedom to self-pace your learning, ensuring you give yourself adequate time to take in all the materials as you please. This is great for people of varying abilities who don’t like the pressure of working in a classroom.

You may also find that online learning materials are better organized. Gone are the days of lugging around bags full of notebooks! A purpose-built platform ensures study materials are easy to access.

Finally, online learning allows you to better manage your time. You’re learning at your own pace, so you can make your own schedule or plan that you want to work to. You can then easily fit this around your current work and life schedule.

Scuba Certification Online – What You Can’t Do

There are 3 modules to complete before obtaining your basic open water scuba certification. These are; knowledge development, confined water diving, and open water diving.

You won’t be scuba certified until you complete all 3 of these modules. For obvious reasons, you won’t be able to complete the practical diving modules online.

Unfortunately, the paddling pool in your back garden and a Zoom call won’t cut it either!

For these modules of the course, you’ve no choice but to visit your local approved dive center.

Scuba Certification Online – What You Can Do

With the two practical modules out the window, this just leaves the theory-based element.

Knowledge Development is the online scuba certification module you’ll be able to obtain online. It’s still a great help, though.

A lot of people struggle with the theory aspect of learning anything. Being able to do it at your own pace and on your own terms can be beneficial to many.

Despite it only being one of the modules, the convenience and freedom alone makes it worthwhile.

How to Start Scuba Certification Online

It’s a breeze to start your scuba certification online. Simply go over to PADI’s website and choose your desired course. Be sure to have the eLearning filter checked to pull up the relevant courses.

Scuba Certification Online

After finding the course you want to enroll on, simply go through and complete the purchase.

From here you’ll automatically be enrolled into PADI’s eLearning platform to complete the knowledge development module of the certification.

You’ll then receive access to the home-study materials to help you fill your brain with all this new exciting information and kick-off your venture into the underworld!

You’re then free to work and progress at your own pace, squeezing in time around your busy schedule.

Then, visit your local dive shop upon completion to get start with your practical diving!

How Much Does Online Scuba Certification Cost?

The PADI eLearning module comes included in the price of the diving course that you’re enrolling in. You don’t need to pay anything extra in order to complete the knowledge development module online.

You’ll automatically be enrolled into PADI’s eLearning platform after paying for your certification course.

How Long Does Scuba Certification Online Take?

The knowledge development section of the course that you complete online takes approximately 12-15 hours to complete.

As stated earlier though, take as long as you need and progress on your own accord. You have the freedom to pace yourself here.

Be aware though, you’ll need to complete this section of the course within 12 months of enrolling.

What Are The Requirements?

To complete the knowledge section of the course online, the only requirement is the participant has to be over 10 years of age.

Participants must be physically fit to dive, and need to be able to swim in order to complete the full course.

Where Next?

Now you’re up to speed with scuba certification online, the next step is to learn more about the full process of obtaining scuba certification.

If you know everything you need to know about scuba certification, you’re ready to find the best scuba diving near you.

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