Scuba Diving Fiji

Scuba Diving Fiji: Everything You Need To Know

Famous for its rugged landscapes, transparent blue water lagoons, and palm-lined beaches, the Fiji Islands have allure like no other. Highly regarded as a tropical island paradise, Fiji has plenty in store for every kind of visitor, whether you like to take part in kava ceremonies or explore the museums.

Located in the South Pacific north of Auckland, Fiji is an archipelago made up of more than 300 islands, each with its own charm. The people are amongst the friendliest in the world and can’t wait to welcome you into their home… quite literally!

Its remote location in the South Pacific Ocean also makes for some great and unique scuba diving! Scuba diving Fiji promises incredible tropical turquoise waters and an abundance of unique underwater landscapes and marine life to immerse yourself in.

Scuba Diving Fiji

Bordered by breathtaking white sand beaches and inviting warm waters, Fiji has been given the prestigious names of “The soft coral capital of the world” and “The best shark diving location in the world”! Easy to see what draws so many divers here then!

The tropical Fijian climate brings with it beautiful water conditions and an abundance of species of tropical fish. What’s more, you’ll find insane visibility of up to 130 feet here often.

Fiji Scuba Certification

Scuba Certification

There is no requirement to be certified to scuba dive in Fiji. While there are some dives catered to the more confident and experienced, there are plenty of options for newbies too.

There are many tour operators that cater to those of all levels of ability, no problem for beginner divers. There are plenty of beginner-friendly and easily accessible dive sites to get your flippers wet for the first time.

It’s always recommended to get scuba certified to give yourself the best, most enjoyable diving experience possible. While you’ll have a great time scuba diving Fiji as a first-time diver, there’s a lot you can miss out on without the extra confidence and diving experience, such as the more challenging reefs and wrecks.

In addition, becoming scuba certified will help you feel more comfortable and confident underwater. This leads to maximum enjoyment and safety from your diving experience and something worth considering.

Fiji Scuba Diving Requirements

Scuba Diving Safety

Fiji doesn’t express any specific laws when it comes to scuba diving.

As always, tour operators state that you must be in good physical condition and have some swimming ability. Children must be at least 10 years old to scuba dive with a tour operator. A medical form may need to be completed in order to confirm your eligibility to dive.

With that said, it’s always highly recommended to have a dive buddy when you’re out scuba diving in Fiji, as it is anywhere else. This is particularly the case if you’re out diving without a tour operator or guide. In this situation, it’s also good practice to make use of diver down flags.

Best Dive Sites in Fiji

With a diverse range of different sites to explore and varying conditions, Fiji has something exhilarating in store for every diver. From swim-throughs to wall dives, caverns, and canyons, there’s so much to immerse yourself in for all ages and abilities. Fiji truly is a world-class diving destination. Here are some of our favorite dive sites in Fiji.

Salamander Wreck


Diving on a shipwreck is always exciting, so the Salamander Wreck is my numero uno spot. It’s a decommissioned Blue Lagoon cruise ship that sank in 30 meters of water. I like how the structure is largely compact despite being down for so many years. Today, it’s covered in soft corals and anemones, with fellow marine creatures like pufferfish, moray eel, and lionfish playing hide-and-seek.

While at it, grab your camera or Go Pro as the site has produced several award-winning photographs over the years.

If this sounds ideal to you, be sure to check out our recommended diving package experience below!

Beqa Lagoon

Underwater Rocks

Bestowed with the prestigious title of the “Mecca of Pacific Diving”, Beqa Lagoon is situated south of Viti Levu- the main Fiji island where international flights arrive. The clear blue waters stretch over 100 miles and are surrounded by 30 kilometers of protected barrier reef. As a result, the sea-temp remains stable at around 26-degree Celsius with gentle currents.

The site consists of numerous other sites, including rocks, coves, pinnacles that have varying depth. Tourists are free to pick-and-choose the locations in accordance with their experience. One of the mysterious locations is the seven sister pinnacles, where you can’t actually figure out the starting and ending points!

If you’re heading to Fiji and looking to get your first taste of scuba diving, this unique dive will definitely make lasting memories, check out our recommended diving package below!

MV Raiyawa Wreck

Diving Fiji

The MV Raiyawa Wreck is a fairly new addition to the artificial wrecks in the Tivua Island of Fiji. It’s a former government ship (30 meters in length), which was renovated in 2014 to make it totally safe for diving. Large swim throughs were carved in the hull and superstructure while removing any obstructions and hazards.

Around the ship, you’ll find an array of pretty corals and numerous rarely spotted fish species, which will truly make your dive memorable.

Best Time to go Diving in Fiji

With its tropical climate, diving in Fiji is accessible year-round. April-October is the most popular time to go, though, due to the school holidays. November, April, and May are considered the most ideal months to visit as the water is at its warmest and the rainy season attracts whale sharks and mantas. For the best visibility, consider visiting between July and December, water temperatures drop slightly, but only by a few degrees.

Depending on the site and conditions, expect visibility often up to 130 feet and water temperatures of 80-83°F.

How Much Does Scuba Diving Cost in Fiji?

If you’re looking at booking a dive package experience through a tour company in Fiji, you’ll find prices between $100-$250. The prices generally include gear rental and levy’s so there are no extra fees.

In addition, a PADI Open Water Certification will set you back around $600, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Scuba Diving Gear in Fiji

Scuba Gear

There are plenty of dive shops located in Fiji. This means gear rental is always an option.

It’s worth noting, all equipment and gear are included when diving with a guided tour operator, giving you one less thing to think about.

However, buying your own gear might be ideal for you if you’re a more keen and experienced diver!

Be sure to check out our buyer’s guides if you’re looking for scuba gear. There you’ll find all of our top recommendations for a range of scuba gear.

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