Scuba Diving Hurghada

Scuba Diving Hurghada: The Complete Guide

Hurghada is known as one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations. Stunning sandy beaches, crystal clear warm blue water, and year-round sunshine makes Hurghada an ideal vacation getaway for couples and families.

This thriving resort located on Egypt’s Red Sea coast is home to a plethora of water activities and unrivalled relaxation. There’s a world of opportunity in terms of things to do, too, from desert safaris to sailing around islands.

In addition, Hurghada is world-renowned for its surreal scuba diving! Scuba diving Hurghada offers a refreshing and diverse experience with a wide range of different dive sites. An underwater world full of vibrance and life awaits you as you swap the barren desert for the warm, inviting water of the Red Sea.

Scuba Diving Hurghada

What’s Good About Hurghada Diving?

Along with the beautiful weather, and pristine beaches, Hurghada has much to offer for those looking to go diving. Here are some of our favorite aspects of diving in Hurghada.

Some of the Worlds Best Sites

It’s well known that Hurghada has some of the best diving in the world. The Red Sea is full of life and vibrant colors. The large concentration of plankton in the water means there’s an abundance of marine life. This includes barracuda and sharks that can be seen daily.

The wreck of SS Thistlegorm is also considered one of the best wreck dives in the world. One not to be missed on your trip to Egypt.

Fine Conditions

Hurghada offers great visibility for divers all year round ensuring you won’t miss any of the life and vibrance below the surface. You’ll also find generally calm currents that make for pleasant diving for beginners while there are still some sites with more challenging conditions.

You’ll also find nice warm water temperatures from March-September in Hurghada, if you’re not one for the chill!


It’s that simple! Not only does Egypt have some of the best diving in the world, but you’ll also find some of the cheapest tour operators and dive packages too. Win-win!

Hurghada Scuba Certification

Scuba Certification

In general, you aren’t required to be certified in order to scuba dive in Hurghada. In fact, there are many tour operators that cater to those of all levels of ability, no problem for a first-time diver. There are plenty of beginner-friendly and easily accessible dive sites to get your flippers wet for the first time.

What’s more, there’s plenty of opportunities to get scuba certified while you’re in Hurghada. It’s an ideal location to learn to scuba dive, with calm conditions and many beginner-friendly dive sites. Check out our recommended open water course below to get yourself scuba certified!

Having said that, it’s always recommended to get scuba certified to give yourself the best, most enjoyable diving experience possible. While you’ll have a great time scuba diving Hurghada as a first-time diver, there’s a lot you can miss out on without the extra confidence and diving experience, such as the more challenging cave dives and wrecks.

In addition, becoming scuba certified will help you feel more comfortable and confident underwater. This leads to maximum enjoyment and safety from your diving experience and something worth considering.

Hurghada Scuba Diving Requirements

Scuba Diving Safety

Egyptian law prohibits the use of gloves and knives while diving in the Red Sea.

As always, tour operators state that you must be in good physical condition and have some swimming ability. Children must be at least 8 years old to scuba dive with a tour operator.

With that said, it’s always highly recommended to have a dive buddy when you’re out scuba diving in Hurghada, as it is anywhere else. This is particularly the case if you’re out diving without a tour operator or guide. In this situation, it’s also good practice to make use of diver down flags.

Best Sites for Scuba Diving Hurghada

Egypt is much more than the land of sand and pharaohs- its colorful coral reefs, diverse marine life, and wrecks combine to give you the ultimate diving experience. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Egypt has something to offer for everyone interested in catching a glimpse of the underwater environment.

Much of the country’s fame as an admirable diving destination can be rightfully credited to the calm waters, clear weather, and excellent visibility. Additionally, some trips offer unprecedented access to famous historical sites in the region. In this regard, here are our favorite sites.

Carless Reef

Hurghada Reef

Carless (and certainly not careless!) Reef is about an hour away from the northeastern boundary of Hurghada city. Even today, I can’t get over its distinct appearance, which will make you feel as if the reef has risen out of nowhere from the depths of the Red Sea.

Alongside the stable descending depth from 12 to 17 meters, the gradual vertical drop from 20 to 25 meters won’t set your heart racing. But what truly sets it apart is the vast contingent of driver-friendly moray eels that will never shy away from performing their highly coordinated moves for the camera.

If this sounds ideal to you, be sure to check out our recommended experience below!

Dolphin Reef


Although the reef is named after perhaps the world’s favorite creature, it’s not the reason why I’ve included this spot in my list. On the shores of the Red Sea, the freely moving dolphins who aren’t held captive for tourist influx is also not the main reason why it features on my list.

So, why is it here anyway? Well, because it offers hour-long scuba diving sessions to people aged between 8 and 88 years old without prior experience! This is something that you don’t see or hear every day.

Furthermore, the floating piers and observation points on the reef treat visitors with hours of dolphin-watching.

Giftun Island

Underwater Coral

Another location that harbors both hard and soft coral gardens is Giftun Island (45 minutes from Hurghada). But not many people know that the island has two subparts- Keiber or Big Giftun and Saghir or small Giftun. While the former is closer to Hurgadha, the latter is further east.

Most beaches are so well maintained that it doesn’t seem anyone has ever set foot here! However, rough weather and strong currents are not uncommon, so deep wall diving will require considerable experience.

Similarly, the eastern wall drops vertically to great depths. Its contoured rugged profile embodies numerous deep caves, which can be beyond the comfort level of novices.

Check out our recommended experience below for more details.

Best Time to go Diving in Hurghada

While you’re able to dive in Hurghada all year round, the greatly varying air temperature means that some times are better to visit than others. You may want to avoid August as the hottest month, and February with the coldest water temperatures.

There’s no real peak diving season for Hurghada, so just aim to avoid the less ideal times where it might be too hot or the water temperature too cold, as stated above.

It may also be a good idea to avoid the high season and go when the tourists are more scarce. High season in Hurghada runs through July and August.

Visibility is usually great all year, the waters remain calm but vary in temperature, with water temperatures of around 71°F from December-February and 82°F from June-September, much like Marsa-Alam, Dahab, and Sharm.

How Much Does Scuba Diving Cost in Hurghada?

If you’re looking at booking an experience through a tour company in Hurghada, you’ll find prices between $70-$100. The price includes gear rental so there are no extra fees.

In addition, a PADI Open Water Certification will set you back around $350, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Scuba Diving Gear in Hurghada

Scuba Gear

There are plenty of dive shops situated in the thriving resort of Hurghada so renting equipment for your dives is an option.

It’s worth noting, you’re left with one less thing to think about when going with a guided tour operator as all equipment and gear are included.

However, buying your own gear might be ideal for you if you’re a more keen and experienced diver!

Be sure to check out our buyer’s guides if you’re looking for scuba gear. There you’ll find all of our top recommendations for a range of scuba gear, including masks, dive computers, and complete gear packages!

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